Marcus Fiesel
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My heart is breaking  / Linda Jeremie Quiming's Mom
Dear Marcus

Your story is breaking my heart in pieces. I am so sorry that you had to suffer this horrible ordeal. I am so sorry you fell into the hands of these awful brutal people. The system failed you big time. 
You know sweetie all our angels up in heaven will take good care of you. My son JB and all his other angel friends make great brother and sisters to you. I pray to God that those people get punished for what they did to you.
I am sending you lots of love and hugs to heaven. 
I am crying as I type this to you.  

Just remember that you are loved by us even though we never met you. 

Love always
Linda (angel JB's mommy)
RIP / Judy Britt
Dear Marcus, my heart is so heavy after reading your heartbreaking story. I have  much I would like to say, but am so overcome emotionally that there are no words.  Look for Jamie-leigh. She loved her 2 little nephews and would surely take a shine to you! 

Love to you,
Sending our condolences  / Neomi, Jerry &. Erin Miller (Family of Autumn, Michael & Gerald Miller )

To Precious Little Angel, Marcus

Our thoughts and prayers are always going to be with you.  You are finally at peace, our children will welcome you with open and loving arms as all 3 of them loved little kids so very much.  I don't know how some people can be so cruel to little innocent children.  There are so many people in the world that would love to have kids and can't, then there are those who have the opportunity to this blessing and treat them like trash.  I hope the people who have done this to you and numerous other children pay for what they have done.  Like the saying, what goes around, comes around.  These people will get what is coming to them.  I hope you make tons of little angel friends in heaven and I hope you have tons of toys to play with.  Stay close under GOD's wings and soar high with the eagles, you are such a precious little boy.  

Neomi, Jerry and Erin Miller

God Keep close watch on Marcus Dad  / Sue Daughter To Angel Arthur Polon (Forever Friend )

Marcus may you find peace where you are and if you need someone strong to hold you please find my Dad, his hands were big but as gentle as a lamb and he will hold you tight and keep you safe. He only had two precious granddaughters so its nice that he may have you as his grandson in heaven. Fly high with the other angels.

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